Planning Succession for Family Business

Succession should be a process, not an event. The most successful transitions can often take years to plan and implement.
This course is designed for everyone in family business at any stage – it is never too early to start thinking about your transition strategy.

Who should attend

Current and future leaders and managers of the family business
Non-family executives and other key stakeholders in the transition process

Family Business Directors Course

Professionalising your family business remains one of the key factors in building long-term strength and success in the sector. This course will help you understand your duties and responsibilities, and how to structure a board appropriate to your family business needs.

This is the only directors’ course specifically designed for family businesses in Australia.

Who should attend

Executive and non-executive Directors of family businesses
CEOs and senior managers of family businesses
Family business shareholders



family business essentials

The Family Business Essentials workshop provides you and members of your family business with the opportunity to spend half a day focussing on where your business is at, what areas need attention, and what you need to do from here.

Who should attend
All family members involved in strategically guiding the business.
This course is particularly useful for family businesses that do not have the wisdom of previous generations to draw upon.


Developing your Family Business Strategy

Strategic Planning in family businesses is unique due to the role that business and family values play. This course assists you on the journey of planning strategically for your family and your business.

Who should attend

All family members involved in strategically guiding the business.
Executive and non-executive directors of family businesses
Family and non-family members involved in senior management

Financial Essentials for Family Business

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of business performance, enabling you to identify any warning indicators and assess the true value of your business to assist in making informed and effective decisions for the future.

Who should attend

Directors and shareholders
Senior management teams
Future leaders and managers of the family business