Family Business Australia Accreditation demonstrates to family businesses your commitment to and understanding of the complex and unique nature of family business advising.

FBA are dedicated to supporting family business advisers in their commitment to creating a dynamic and sustainable family business community. The FBA Accreditation program for family business advisers ensures you are equipped with the necessary tools and education to better support the largest and most dynamic sector in Australia.

How do I qualify?

All FBA Adviser members are eligible to undertake the accreditation process. Each adviser must complete a set of required courses and events to progress their application:

  • Complete the Accredited Adviser Application Form
  • Attend the Fundamentals of Family Business Advising course
  • Attend two Family Business National Conferences
  • Provide three family business references

Typically FBA Adviser Accreditation can take between two to three years to complete. Completing the above requirements does not guarantee you FBA Adviser Accreditation. All applications for accreditation are considered by FBA’s Adviser Accreditation Committee.

How valuable is the FBA Adviser Accreditation to me?
  • FBA Accredited Advisers are promoted by FBA on their Find an Accredited Adviser directory online; Family businesses use this list to search for Accredited Adviser referrals
  • The FBA Accredited Adviser group assist FBA in developing their Resources centre; this may include submitting regular whitepapers or articles relevant to family business issues and areas of interest
  • FBA Accredited Advisers are encouraged to join FBA in advocacy efforts, reinforcing areas that require attention trough the provision of knowledge and experience
  • Ongoing professional development in the area of family business advising