December 1, 2017 @ 7:30 am – 9:00 am
Coleman Greig Lawyers, Level 11, 100 George Street, (Cnr Smith Street), Parramatta, NSW
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Dispute Management and Resolution

This session will focus on business disputes as they arise in the context of closely held family businesses. In this instance they can have particularly long term and far reaching consequences. We will be exploring this notion from a lawyers perspective by considering:

  • Who has legal rights.
  • The claims that are often brought.
  • How conflicts often play out, and strategies that are commonly employed.
  • The role of non-lawyers in the process.
  • Things to think about to attempt to minimise the impact of the conflict.

Presenter: Gavin Stuart | Bartier Perry

Gavin is the Head of Commercial Disputes Team with 20 years’ legal experience.  His appearances in the NSW Supreme Court, the Federal Court of Australia and specialist tribunals have shown him the negative impacts of litigation, as well as the positive ones. For that reason, he helps his clients avoid the litigation treadmill where he can. Instead, he prefers to solve their disputes through strategies designed to shorten exposure to litigation such as negotiation or mediation.

An opportunity to collaborate and network with other family business advisers.

Complimentary breakfast provided

Partnering with Coleman Greig

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